Engine Glow/Warp Nacelles

(Cujo31) #1

Hey gang…

Wanted opinions on the best way to get warp glow in some nacelles that I am working on in a model…

Other than post processing??? Is there a easy way to do this???

I want to acheive something similar to this:


Take a look and let me have your opinions…

thanks in Advance…


(Bapsis) #2

Hey Cujo,

To do engine glow in Blender is pretty simple and takes just 2 steps.

  1. Select the object that is to glow, usually a flatend rectangle, and select the color you want it to glow in material, usually red or blue for space ships it seems. Try these settings:

R: 0.000
G: 0.500
B: 1.000

Spec: 0.000
Hard 50
Add: 1.000
Ref 0.453
Alpha: 1.000
Emit: 1.000

I think the important thing here is to just crank the Add and the Emit right up.

So now you have a very bright blue rectangle, and will need to add some glow around it, for that
add a new plane and delete all but one of the verticies.
Add a new material and make it a similar colour, but much lighter and select the Halo button. Try:

R: 0.226
G: 0.750
B: 1.000

Now depending on the size of your rectagle, the single vertex Halo size will have to be adjusted,
as well as the Alpha and the Hard. Try:

Halo Size: 3.000
Alpha: 0.770
Hard: 47
Add: 1.000

Place the single vertex on the surface of the glowing rectangle right in the center. Now also add a
lamp right where the vertex is and give it a short glowing distance, say of about 3 or so and crank
the energy up to about 2, or so. :o)

Make sure to check out what you’ve done by rendering both front on and side shots to check out how it
looks. This is basically how i get engine glow for my ships like:


Hopefully that helps, if you have any questions just post a reply here and ask away.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Bapsis) #3

PS: Try also clicking the Shadless button in the material menu of the rectangle, this seems to work nice. :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!