Engine model needed for 3d printing at 1/25th scale from reference photos


I am looking for an experienced modeler for projects based in the automotive space. eg…motors, transmission, suspension parts for 3d printing. These parts need to be within reasonable dimensions to originals to be scaled down to 1/25th scale. Most request will be of projects consisting of engine and transmission of particular model and year which have multiple parts within. internals are not necessary.
I look forward to reviewing your portfolios and bids.

Thank you for your time.

Here is my portfolio polygonalart.blogspot.com I model only mechanical objects

This is a WIP motorcycle I work on. I can model those engine parts for you.

I’ve previously had a gig where I modeled an entire mazda, here’s the steering system -done in less than a week. I was on-site so it’s millimeter accurate

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