Engine References

Hi folks,

Been a while since I’ve popped in, though this time I have a small issue I’m hoping you guys might be able to help. Now before I go into details, I’m posting the question here as I’m not sure where one should post something such as this. Onto the subject.

As the title suggest, I’m in the process of modeling a proper detailed V12 car engine, however at the moment, I’m having issues with finding reference or at least a list of every part that goes into the making of a V12 engine, or an engine in general. I’m looking at modeling all the pieces separately after which I’ll assemble the engine into one complete model.

I’ve recently finished a long time project (3 month vehicle project) and would like to model a full detailed engine for the vehicle, seeing as I’ve modeled the full interior and exterior. Aside from that, modeling things like drivetrains and brake kits are a fairly easy task seeing as there is so many references and blueprints for these parts, and would like to update from my previously used (unrealistic v12 engine) to a realistic version.

I would like to know if you guys might know of anyplace that might be able to help me in finding out about all the parts, and how they look so that I could model them, been searching the net for a few days, and most references end up with a complete engine instead of broken up parts in which one can see all the different parts.

Hope you guys can help.

google for engines!
there are some samples on blendswap !

happy bl