Engine Running Slow

Hello guys, well i made a Menu , a inventory system , and a enemy , and all this is made on Python and depending on if i move alot and stuff my % of logic bricks reaches up from 2% to 30%(WHEN i dont have much logic bricks) and for example if i stop moving … it goes down to 2% again … my Overhead % sometimes reaches 20 % or so… as max

in conclusion, we can say the game runs very decent, but for moments it runs slow , and the problem here its that, if this happens with just some inventory system and a menu… i cant imagine when i have more stuff on my game :S

any tipss?

The “Overhead” is the overhead display that displays the framerate, profile and debug props. So, that will go away when you turn of “Show framerate and profile”.

Logic can also include Python, so you might want to check your movement scripts to see if you’re doing something horribly inefficient.

Okey thanks for answering some of my problems Moguri i will try and check my scripts :wink: