Engineers Salary ? Master degree ?

Hello there mates, I’m supposed to get Graduated by the end of 2012, let me ask about how much would an engineer with this profession “Mechatronics Engineering” be paid in your country, I want some kind of a survey from different people living in different locations.

and for a master degree, how much would that cost?
as a middle-eastern student, is it possible to pick an intuition system where I teach and learn at the same time? [teaching instead of paying high tuition, or pay only 25% in that case]

ps: I might be not that good with Graphics [relatively to most of you], this is why I prefer to stick with this field, anyways, any help will be very appreciated.

thanks all.

Google will bring up sites that have salary ranges for jobs, or using a job search engine like will give an accurate idea of what companies are paying.

You’ll have to look at a per school basis for info on teaching assistantships, tuition, and costs/scholarships for foreign students.

A lecturer in mechanical in govt. University in india = 80K INR salary (cud be more) . But i dont think they would give you a lecturer job without a phD Degree. So you are leaving me alone in CG field? weeps i thought we could create a company someday. Hey what will happen to your game then? Anyways best of luck with whatever you choose as your carrer. :slight_smile:

my dads an engineer in NBC’s agency department. i don’t know how much he makes (and wouldn’t tell you if i did) but it’s a very good salary .

It really depends on supply and demand. Well done for graduating by the way. You have built yourself a bridge to get where you are, and soon you will be at your destination. All the best!

Quite frankly, it is not the degree that counts. When the bullet hits the bone, it is more about what you can actually do. I have worked with engineers with degrees that were quite pathetic, they had no practical experience whatsoever. A degree may open some doors for you, the application of your knowledge is generally what will lead to your success. Good luck!

One of my good friends has a Masters in Mechanical Engineering. And he makes plenty of money there. Although for him it is more about working with the tools that are provided to him by various companies and he enjoys it a lot. I am not sure on exact amounts, but it is a nice living none the less.

And as Pixelmass said, it is the place and what you work on that really counts, not the degree you use to work there.

See if you can get an idea from here.

A college degree can be important for certain types of, say, engineering licensing-requirements. (You need to be sure that the degree you get, actually will be recognized and will qualify with professional licensing boards at the place where you intend to work … don’t assume.)

As for salary, well, “that’s just negotiation.” You will of course have to prove yourself. You might work for a while at less salary than you think you deserve, just to demonstrate (by what you do…) that you deserve more.

Here’s one bit of frank advice: “nothing is worth more in this world, than someone who has worked with you and who will without hesitation speak well of you.” The decision to hire anyone is a difficult one at best; the process for getting rid of someone if you discover that you’ve made a bad decision is much harder. (I know, having done both of these things. :o ) It goes like this:

  • “Well, what do you think about so-and-so?”
  • The person’s first, briefest, subliminal glance gives the answer.
  • They reply. It doesn’t matter nearly so much what they actually say, if that glance says otherwise.
  • The person asking the question nods politely. If “that first flicker of the eyebrows” is consistent with the reply, other questions might be asked. Or, just small talk. No cards are revealed.

mohd, I will come back to CG for sure and make games but not before finding something more guaranteed first.

thanks all!

my parents think the same way for me XDDD. if you want, you can give this a try
if u can make it through im sure your all troubles in your life (or at least related to finance) will vanish like some spell. :smiley: