Enlightenment DR17 goes insanely good!

After a period of using Enlightenment DR16 I decided to check out DR17 again.


This thing has taken a massive step forward. It seems a little more touchy than before, and currently a bit prone to seg faults, but some of the new touches are great.

Like the run command that as you type brings up suggestions from listed programs above, and commands below, all flying about smoothly and looking fantastic.

Or the now insane amount of customisation that you can do in the Configuration menus and title bar menu.

The gorgeous animations that play as files are loaded in the built in file browsers.

There are so many little touches that just scream quality. Yeah so the default theme looks like scank, the only up to date theme I can find (or want to find) Milky’s, looks amazing.


All this and really low memory footprint and CPU demand means that this project is going to be incredible when finished!


so what exactly is enlightenment? I assume it’s a release of an operating system, is it the new mac OS? (the screenshot looks mac-y) or is it a new release of Gimp? maybe a skin for and OS? am I being an ignorant fool?

Heh, sorry - it is a Linux X-windows Window Manager / Desktop Environment.

It skins the windows, provides window behaviour and also throws in a launcher bar / widget holder and some good widgets as well as a file manager.

All this is built upon a very fast and flexible graphics library that allows complex animations and effects to be built into the interface with very little damage to system resources.

It is what makes using the graphic enviroment both enjoyable and fast.


I’ll stick with Gnome.

Sounds a lot like the current implementation of Gnome with Beagle I’ve been using on OpenSuSE.

Each time I see one of those linux or variant it reminds me I really should give them a try. Looks very nice and clean though.

E17 is cool. I used it off and on for a while, but it was just too buggy in the past. Maybe I’ll give it a run again and see how it feels. Screenshots are always what drive me back; it’s just so beautiful.

How exactly is a desktop that is ‘prone to seg faults’ “insanely good”

I understand your exitement, but enlightenment 17 is still very far from being even good due to the current developement state.

e17 could be finished as soon as 2009

so dont hold your breath :slight_smile:

Tried E17 some time ago and although some concepts are really nice, Gnome with Beryl (or Compiz for that matter) is just way more bling-ish.


Tried E17 myself a few months back on Gentoo, it proved to be much nicer looking than KDE, but now I am sticking with Beryl and XGL for the bling-factor. :smiley:

Yeah I tried XGL + Beryl (or Compiz-Quinnstorm as it was then). Very nice, but too many things had issues with the acceleration.

I especially liked the rain on the screen. Very soothing.


I have it - e17 - on my box, and it run fine, but i too accustomed to the great KDE.
E17 is lacking of better ergonomic.

Anyway, about EFL, that are great libs, just wait for more cool application based on it