My version of the classic promotional image of War of the Worlds

I forgot to add the background, here is with it

Wow too many comments, i don`t know where to start :-? , just a closeup to the planet

that looks great, i think you can improve the texture on the planet.
but i love the alien arm texture :smiley:

How did you go about doing the cage for the planet, that is the effect I’ve been trying to do for my wizards staff but have had little luck getting anything close to what you have? Looks really nice!

I like the textures on the plant thing but not the earth. I think it might look better with the tentacles wrapped tighter around the earth. Nice work.

Thanks for the comments, the “tentacles” are not completely wrapping the planet because of the frame i took the render, actually it was going to be an animation of the tentacles aproaching then wraping the planet but for the lack of time i didnt finish the animation and decided to be a still picture,khnum, i modelled some sort of a tree, then just continue cutting and moving vertices, the key was to use the magnet key( Hotkey O ) while moving so you get a nice smooth flow of the "branches", about the texture i kinda like it, I wasnt going for a realistic texture in the planet, since i think that the main thing is the tentacle