Entertainment [WIP]

A new animation im working on, and just felt like showing off the tv i made. its based on my tv at home


Well, it’s sometime hard to know what to say to a WIP; but, I would change the wood texture so the floor and TV paneling are different, for a start. The hint of the face polys on the front frame around the screen are a little distracting. Maybe setting those faces to “set smooth” would be enough.

Looks a bit like a TV crossed with a corby trouser press!,

Fun and crisp trousers, though watching the trousers straiten is always entertainment enough for me!

is there any way to attach an animated .gif to a plane? ive added it in the textures panel and set it as a movie, but the box is just black.

Encode the GIF to an AVI, import that as an image and set it to movie/video

how would i encode it to an avi? thanks for the help

you coild use VIRTUAL DUB, im sure that would do it,

damn, it doesnt do gifs, or wont load mine. i tried .bmp and .jpg but it could be the way i set up the stuff in flash. oh well, ill have to go still for now