Hello, I made this scene a while ago for the Artstation Challenge: The Art of 3D Insects

Unfortunately I forgot to seek feedback while I was working on it, so now I’m at this point where I don’t know why this was not good enough.
I’d love to see what you think about this image, any C&C is highly appreciated! Thank you! =)


Hello, It looks really nice! but what you could try to change is the pencils in the case. Not sure why the lens flare is there? because there should be a strong light source, but not sure on that.
The paper looks thick, try to give it a texture.

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Veer good. Nice lighting and texturing. The pencil case looks a bit solid if u get what I mean. You could increase its roughness.

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Hello, thank you for you feedback @Dominique_Hopman!
I’m not sure about what you meant by changing the pencils, about the lens flare that makes sense, I think I placed it on the wrong setting, also your are correct that paper is lacking texture I only used colors on render and post process, I’ll try everything you said, thanks =)

Hey thank you @js20041!
Yeah I know what you mean about the pencil case, I tried to replicate a material that is not very soft like cloth but a bit solid, I don’t know if I achieved that look properly, but thanks anyway =)

I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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Wow thank you so much @bartv!

Hey, The thing that strikes me the most is "Is that an eraser " ?? It looks like a bar of aluminum. Other than the lens flair it looks good.

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