Entrance Hall

I’m intrigued, can you explain ‘patch’ rendering please.


this is in spare time?

please tell me you have a job in 3D otherwise im probably just wasting my time learning to get a job in this indsutry

It’s funny you said that because I just landed my first job on the strength of the portfolio on here, so I don’t think you’re wasting your time, definitely not :smiley:


I’m totally unsurprised about the job offer- your portfolio is super impressive.

One tip: your rustic tabletop looks like it “should” be made of a single slab of wood. So the short end facing the camera would be end-grain- rings and such like. By having the flat face grain texture wrap around (and especially because the grain doesn’t line up between faces) makes it look like a veneer and therefore like something from Ikea. I usually scrunch the UV’s on the ends faces to fake it, but with such a prominent grain that might be tricky.

I’m nitpicking, but your work is so good, I feel you’d benefit from the extra detail.


Ha you have a good eye and you’re right about the wood end. It’s funny because I was just looking at wood end textures on Poligon for something else I’m working on.
Thanks for the comment, appreciated.

Very nice!

There are some fotos on textures.com… maybe helpful enough…


With the help of a site like this: https://www.smart-page.net/smartnormal/ and some color tweeking it might be sufficient…

Thanks kaamura, I know about the ones on texture.com, I checked them out.
Didn’t know about smartnormal tho, I’ll definitely check that out.
Thanks again :smiley:

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I will make a video on it soon and post it.

EDIT: Basically you just render a part of the scene and apply it on top of the “mistake” render. This only works when you want to do patch works not involving change of any lighting or if you have basic composition only not involving vignette or in the range not affected by it.

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Thanks usernew, Yea the would be helpful.

Here is the video. I hope I explained it well.


Haha thanks username,
I will definitely use this method in future. It was much simpler than I expected it to be. :smiley: :+1:

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First of all, good result you have did here.
Are you tested new version of BCorona addon for Blender (Corona for Blender exporter)?

Thankyou odil24.
About Corona, no I didn’t know about it. What version of Blender is it compatible with?

Read my topic with carefuly:

Thanks odil24, this has got my attention :smiley:

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Spectacular lighting, composition, and rendering. Are trees outside the window part of the HDRI or is it a model?

Do you do freelance work?

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your comment.

The trees are models from the Vegetation addon.

I do freelance work but only doing interior and product work for the time being.

Do you have a background in painting or photography?

How do I have you quote a project?