Env map hassel

Was trying to do the env map example in the blender guide but i don’t get the reflection as expected. What follows is exactly what i did, i hope somebody can point out a mistake:

  1. Top view, create plane and scale it.

2.Stil in top view i create a sphere and move it 1 unit above the plane in side view.

3.Side view, i create 3 lamps and position them so that they form a semi circle when viewed from the top.

4.Side view, i move the left most lamp 4 units above the plane and place the camera such that from the side, it appears on the same grid as the lamp but from the top it lies between two lamps.

  1. Still side view, i create the empty and position it 4 units below the plane on the same vertical grid as the camera and lamp.

  2. I move the plane to layer 2 and add a material with ref=0.20 and spec=0.20.

  3. I add a texture block and link it to the empty then F6 and set texture type to Env Map. with the ff settings: Ob: Empty and CubeRes=500 and static is selected. Then i select layer 2 for “Don’t render layer”

Oh … for the materials,under map input, i select Refl and under Map to i select Cmir.

Now when i hit F12, i don,t get the reflection. :frowning:

You need to set the texture to ADD and EMIT. Then you should be fine.


Thnx BgDM