Env Maps on flat surfaces.

(dante) #1

Marcanth’s recent posts have resurected my interests in envirornment maps. Could someone post an example .blend as an example of reflecting an object on a flat plane?

It sure would be nice if someone would write a truly in depth turorial on env maps, seeing as when they are used well, the result is quite interesting.



(BgDM) #2

For planar env maps, you need to place the empty at the exact opposite position of the camera, (i.e. Camera X=2, Y=5, Z=10 - Empty X=2, Y=5, Z=-10). This being said, this is based on you plane being located at 0,0,0. If it is not, then you will have to calculate where you need to place your empty in relation to the camera.

Hope that gives some explanation. If you want an example file, I could do one tonight possibly. If you want a tute, I don’t have the time to do one, sorry.


(banana_sock) #3

there are a couple of decent tutes on planar env maps on the list at the top of the page. I know the blenderwars site has one, that’s where i learnt…