enviroment props

Hi I’m doing some artwork for adventure game using ogre, mainly props rocks trees etc. First task is to create realistic looking rocks. I found this tutorial, its for 3ds but its easy to do same stuff with blender, except using texture nodes to create one displacement texture. I really liked the work flow as the resulting model is very modable. I also looked into this tutorial. This is what I have so far

picture (highpoly and baked normals lowpoly 190 triangles quite inefficient mesh)
video (same low poly rendered but looks almost the same in glsl view)

Next step would be to add moss and other green stuff on top of the rocks, I would need simple method to do that so I could easily modify the rocks and moss. Ideally a technique that allows me to bake normal maps.

I have been considering modeling tiny bits of different moss and using this technique to paint moss on the rocks and then make one low poly around rock and moss and bake normals. Does anybody know better technique?

So does this make any sense to you? Comments and critics more than welcome:)

They look good - the only thing I would pick is that you can see the seams.
The texturing part of this tutorial or this one can help there.
You may find this helpful for adding moss.

Thanks for your reply, unfortunately I couldn’t get the node based stencil maps to work. Here’s some lowpoly’s I made:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2988574/kiviviimesin.jpg

I did test render to see how the rocks work together with other modelshttp://dl.dropbox.com/u/3142599/testrender.jpg