Environment Changes

Hi Everyone!

Below are two renders, the first with my original background (just an image:no:), and the second I made using instances, to give it a more realistic scale. I also add a hint of volume to the world.

But it still looks a bit off. I want to get the setting right before I go on to finer details such as dust etc on the jeep.

Look forward to reading your views!
Thanks in advance!!


Brilliant! I suppose that’s from the CG Masters tutorial. I liked the stones better in the first image. Better scaling. Just a suggestion: Try to render this beautiful car on some road :slight_smile: If you want to go for this forest scene, I recommend making scratches on the sides, especially, and add lot of dust to the tyres and the rims and the bumper.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s from the CG Masters tutorial. I’ll try it on a road, but after I’ve tried it with the dust and scratches.
Thanks again for your thoughts!

I’m doing the same tutorial (for two months now), and it worth every penny i spend on it. I was thinking to render my final image with some mud enviroment.

Great scene, i liked the first one scale and the second background. Also, the paint is too clean for a forest.

SHow us the final render when you finish please.