Environment dead to healthy timelapse animation

This type of project will mainly require the animation of a plant, such as flowers, grass, plants etc, need to be animated in a time-lapse like manner, going from dead to healthy over a 30 second span within an entire CG garden. I already have a pretty good start to the project myself, already having 50% of a garden finished, so the main meat of the project will the animated time-lapse of the plants.

I am only 1 person working on this project, and I am unable to complete the entire project within the deadline myself, which is April 1st, so I need YOU.

I am mainly looking for animators confident in their ability to problem solve the process of a time-lapsed life span of a plant dying, while also quickly finishing said animation. I can provide most, if not all of the models depending on the clients taste.

I want to hire 2 people that are able to complete their respective work in a quick turnaround, so possibly Intermediate-Pro level of proficiency. You will likely need to render a shot or two yourselves for quality checks before sending final shots to the client.

The total budget for each person will be roughly $1,000-$1,500.

To contact me for your submission, leave a comment here, contact me via discord (CWBigfoot#4100), or email me at [email protected]


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