Environment for videogame

Hello folks! here i show my last project involving blender of course.
That project was for a test in a videogame company, but well… next time :stuck_out_tongue:
Nevermind, i´m satisfied with the result anyway, given the time i have for it.

Modeled in 3d studio max, unwraped, textured, low poly in blender.
The challenge was i couldn´t use many textures i want, only 5 textures for all, so i managed to put all my diffuse in four 4096x4096 textures and in a different uv set and texture, the normalmaps ( same 4k ).
74 objects, 47,580 polys.

Lighting and Rendering made with mentalray, waiting for proper normalmap support in cycles :wink:

Here some wires too :slight_smile:


Looks cool, I would play it :slight_smile: Reminds me of deus ex but with better graphics.

well done! like the fine detailed job on textures :slight_smile:

Thanks wombatCombat and MAaXx, the concept that inspired isn´t mine, so not all the kudos for me in this case, but the texture job was a tought one, glad you see :wink:

It´s a relative small scene, but maybe in the future i´ll try to put on udk or unity to play with, tought.

Hey @JordiArt, nice leveldesign with Blender :slight_smile: WOW! I am jealous xD But you are amazing Designer ^^. How do you make this? Keep work! :slight_smile:

Ah UDK? xD I know you are exporting into ASE? Am i right?

Thanks man, that words make me :slight_smile:

First, for now, that project it´s finished, but maybe i can reuse things for play with UDK, and that will be with FBX, in some test i found that format pretty good transfer within blender-UDK.

Well, talking of the process, not all was blender here, i model everything first on max, make the highpoly there and then uv unwrap, textures, low poly in blender.

For some normalmaps i use directly blender and transfer the bumpmap paint to normalmaps, for other more detailed objects, i use zbrush for scuplt the real detail, just for time reasons i can´t sculpt everything on it and that´s where blender texture project painting and bumpmap painting in viewport come in handy.

Then reconstruct the scene on max and apply all the materials and lights for mentalray to render into it.

Thanks for asking!

Reminds me a lot of the Blender game Dead Cyborg, but with more polys and higher res - nice work!

Thanks RossBlendrArt, but beware to mention endi´s work, i don´t wanna get involved :stuck_out_tongue:
Just kidding, his work is amazing and more stylized than mine, but i´m very proud of it anyway.
I used also 3d max so i think i´m safe here :wink: