Environment Modelling contest entries HERE

ok people. as the dealine draws near its time to see what people have to show.

Post links to PICTURES of your scene as replys to this thread,

Once we meet the deadline i will make a new threead with a poll for voting the winner…

Good luck.


Well, i guess i’ll start it off

Here are three links to 3 pics (i hope they’re not too dark, if so tell me) from different angles. I used a total of 2999 vertices (img 4) and 13 textures (img 5)

shot 1 : http://johnpeb.dyndns.org/~joelm/Interior1.jpg

shot 2: http://johnpeb.dyndns.org/~joelm/Interior2.jpg

shot 3: http://johnpeb.dyndns.org/~joelm/Interior3.jpg

Here are two shots of the wireframe/vertex colour model and the textures i used



:o Wow He-blend, those are amazing! And just wait until the game engine has shadows (http://www.blender.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=157&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0)!

Wow. what a brilliant start to the entries.

I hope it doesn’t put people off entering!!!

I’d say thats one of the best blender scenes i’ve seen for a game, which is what this contest is about!!!

Goodluck everyone else too!


Thought I may as well make a scene that I could use in my Draguana game. I wasn’t really ready for this scene yet as it will be where the final dual takes place between the hero (Green Draguana) and the leader(Boss) of the Red Daguanas. The whole game will take place underground.

Guess it doesn’t compare with He-blend’s room but I’m quite happy with it.



He-blend that’s one cool room makes me want to take a nap,
and jrt that’s some great place for a battle to take place in can’t wait to play the game! o.k here are the pics for my entrie…

Like your pics friedbrain, I just think you need to work on the light a little :wink: .

i wasn’t going for any moody light effect on the scene just tried to have a clear view of what’s in the room R2Blend,but thanks for the comment.

No, R2Blend is quite right about the lighting. It’s great but the light seems a little off somehow. Hmm, I guess it depends on what time of the day it is. There’s a window on the right, right? There should be light coming in from there so naturally the stuff closer to the window will get more light.

All 3 entries rock so far. %| Hehe, I didn’t enter because I can’t make scenes like those, hmm or even anything half as good :o .

Jason Lin

Same with me :p.

Well as usual I get too busy to even attempt to enter… %| dammit

Good stuff so far, He-Blends is very impressive and so is jrt’s, really good lighting and textures for both.

Friedbrain: Can’t look at yours today, bandwidth exceeded, I’ll try and take a look tommorow.

Good luck to everyone who managed to finished their entry, maybe next time I’ll start/finish one :wink:

I’ve decided to enter the contest. I have already started working, no pics yet though.

I guess you guys are correct about the lighting now that i look at it your way, when i lit the scene i wasn’ thinking about outside light influencing the room , i was just thinking of the inside of the room, if i have time i’ll repost new pictures with a light that mimes an outside light source or something like that…I still got have to go look for a site that’ll host my pictures , the current site i have blows it only let’s me have 5mgs per day
of bandwith… %| :<

Gee that’s not very good :expressionless: .

Here is my entry. I ended up not having much time to work on it.

1900 decimeter

The two lower spots on the floor are supposed to be water. I was going to make a large stone serpent in each one. When the Armor was removed from the stand, the serpents would come to life and attack.

As I found out durring the making of this, that I suck at texturing. I tried to texture part of it, but it looked really bad, so I took the texture off.

It sure looks like it.

Nice model.

i posted new links to my pictures, deleted the old ones those links had exceeded the bandwith for the day, but these new links shouldn’t have that problem…

Dirkalo have you tried texturing with photo realistic pictures, you can’t go wrong with those plus you can find plenty on the web, now if your talking about painting your own textures that takes some skill.


Concept: http://img32.photobucket.com/albums/v96/shbazjinkens/emilyhouse.jpg

I didn’t finish either, I just couldn’t motivate myself to finish the textures. I’ve been spending all of my time designing an innovative Guitar pedal (wah-wah) that I’ve been really excited about.

for those that wonder

no entry from me

[summer school too demanding, 17 hours a week [in class] of physics :frowning: ]

Can poor people have a nice, bright house?
I’ve tried to answer, here’s my entries: