Environment: Procedural planet textures


that’s beautiful!
nice work. got the settings? maybe later?

very nice indeed. Did you think about making an atmosphere - so that there is an (?)aura around the edge of the planet/moon?

I like the clouds and the colours. Any chance of seeing the blend file?


I’ve got an idea, you can insert a cube, delete all verts but 1, then place it at the center of the planet sphere. Then add a material to it, and give it a Halo, you’ll have to adjust the color & size, tweak it until it’s big enough, it should show a glow around the planet…

Let me know if it works!


nice work! if you keep this a secret, i will unleash my cats upon you! :smiley: no i really would like to know the settings, its really good!

Nice job.

Orion, luv the sig!

Spec map some water.

Those clouds are a bit strange.

Otherwsie very nice. Keep that up.



It’s really good, many thanks for the blend. :slight_smile:
For the atmosphere halo, look here: