Environment tracking for 2.5

I’ve just noticed that the VooDoo motion tracker doesn’t work for Blender 2.5 because its python is only compatible for earlier versions of Blender.

I am currently writing a tutorial on compositing with Motion Tracking and while I know I can use VooDoo with 2.49, and then import the resulting file into Blender 2.5, I’m wondering whether anyone has recommendations for enviro-tracking software which work with Blender 2.5.

Please don’t hold back your ideas - I’m racing the clock here.

Thanks - Lancer.

Lancer I’m having the same problem with 2.5. I recently did a video with 2.49 because of the import errors I kept getting. I Hope you find the answer soon. What we need is to find someone who can update the script to the latest python version. Hope you get your answer soon, we all can use it. By the way here is the video.

Good luck.

This would be good to look into, not sure how hard it would be since ipo were in blender 2.49 and now we have fcurves. Might need to be totally rewritten

Just an FYI, If you run the Voodoo import script in 2.49 and save the file. You can open the file in 2.50 and have all your information.

Backwards compatability may die soon with the removal of redundant features.

This is true, as I said in the first post;

I’m wondering if there are other tracker people use (preferably free or non commercial) which might work wit 2.5 directly?