Environmental Prop Artist (Work from Anywhere)

Duties and Responsibilities:

• Model and texture realistic, modular, hard-surface and organic set pieces and props for a diverse set of environments.
• Create realistic next gen textures and materials for use on architecture and terrain.
• Work from photo reference, style sheets, and concept during the art creation process.
• Adhere to the aesthetic and technical standards set by the Art Director and Environment Lead.
• Take direction from the Art Director and work with the Environment Lead and designers in achieving the overall vision for the game art.

• Experience creating photorealistic set pieces, props, textures, and materials on next gen console platforms.
• Ability to show examples of top notch props and textures made for next gen console games.
• Work well in a large team environment, be proactive, and have excellent communication skills.
• Master level experience creating clean and efficient models with proper UV layouts inside Autodesk Maya.
• Master level experience using Adobe Photoshop to create photorealistic textures for next gen materials based on concepts and/or photo reference.
• Deep understanding of next gen materials and shaders and is able to achieve the desired surface qualities needed across a variety of environment assets.
• Skilled at balancing art quality and performance in the game engine.
• A passion for making great games
• Passion for gaming

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