Environments for a webcomic (giant statue)

Okay, I’ve had Blender for a while, but I haven’t (up until quite recently) done much aside screwing around with simple stuff. I wanted to tackle something more complicated but never quite knew what I wanted to do.
One day, I started planning a future story arc for my webcomic Thinginess of Chaos, which involves a swordfight that takes place on top of two giant statues around a waterfall. That sounds good written on paper, but then I imagined drawing the backgrounds. The task of drawing the statues from all kinds of different angles and making it look like they were in the same pose all the time seemed like a daunting task, considering that the focus of the scene would be two guys running and jumping all over them while trying to kill each other.
Concept doodle(done in ArtRage)
It occurred to me that doing the environment in 3D might turn out to be less work in the long run, and so began my first practical use of Blender. I’ve started on the king statue, and this is what I’ve got so far.

Wireframe view

Textured render

7/10 update