Envmap Query

(phlip) #1

I was thinking of making something like a security camera in my scene

The idea:
A mesh that looks like a camera renders an Envmap that is mapped to a mesh that looks like a computer screen.
After some tweaking I managed to get the picture to sit right on the screen.
Now the problem:
If I move the camera the picture changes correctly, but if I rotate the camera, the envmap is still rendered with the same viewpoint.

Is there any way to make the envmap rendered with respect to the rotation of the viewpoint? Or do I have to add a camera and render it seperately to use as a texture?
I’d rather not use the two-step process as I don’t have the hard-drive space to store the movies for every camera (the final scene will have about 5) and it adds to the rendering time.

(BgDM) #2

Are you rotating the empty that you are applying the env map to in relation with the camera? if not, Blender just renders the envmap in the same orientation, taking reference from the empty. When doing an envmap, the empty acts as a camera.

Try that and see what happens.


(phlip) #3

Even without any parenting, rotating the empty does not change the mapping of the envmap onto the material. However, I discovered that rotating the camera does. This makes a bit of sense when using envmaps to render mirrors, so I think that’s all they’re there for. I guess I’ll have to use the tw-step process then. Thanks anyway.