Epic Jutland

This movie is about Jutland, the history from the last Ice Age and up to about the 19th century.

Not everything is CGI, but about half of the 3:20 minutes movie is CGI, reconstructing Danevirke, Kalø and Spøttrup Castle.

I composed the music and made the animations. I also did the shooting and compositing - everything is made by myself.

Everything is made in Blender - either CGI, compositing or video editing, except the map texture which I made using GIMP (but the animation is also made in Blender).

I forgot to add: I’d like some constructive criticism. I already got some, but I’d like to know if everybody has the same sort of criticism.

Both in regards to music, animation and the video in total.

I am never going to improve myself if I do not get constructive criticism, but please don’t kill me :slight_smile:

The music was suitable for the piece. You did a great job on matching the models in accordance to the lighting from the live action shots. However, my concern is the effect used for the transitions between the shots. There was a bright spot that covered majority of one shot that was large and bright enough for the transition. If you were able to create that type of consistency on the other lights, it would have been a lot better.

Over all, I have no other complaints.

That was pretty good. Liked the music, thought it fit very nicely. Near the beginning, there was one video clip that did not appear to have the vignetting like the other clips did. Other than that, was very good.

I thought you wouldn’t notice :wink: