Epic Vlog Slideshow - Animated Blender Template

Epic Vlog Slideshow is a Blender template with eye-catching animations, transitions, and design. Created by Skyway with a keen attention to detail and FX, this project is made to grab the attention of anyone who watches it. Display your photos and videos, use your text, and make it your own. You can edit this project and customize it for what you need it for using the Wizard. The wizard is included for free with each of our templates, and makes editing our templates a breeze – so you can tweak colors, text, images and more. Whether you’re an industry veteran looking to display your media, or someone who wants to make their photos look cool, this is the project for you.

Demo video:

The easiest way to edit this template is to use our addon “The Wizard”

The Wizard is a tool created by SkywayVisuals to make editing our templates easy. With the panel, you can see where to edit colors, Text, Images, and more.

The next option for editing is to manually select the item you want to edit and replace the images. A full, detailed PDF tutorial is included for how to edit templates.