equidistant point pattern on a sphere?

Does somebody know in Blender or a different MESH/CAD app to find on a sphere equidistant points? In Blender I started with an Icosphere but as it turns out the triangle being used does not have each side being equal.

Attached are two screenshots. On a sphere I need to position a certain amount of sensors (This is MRI related) for a brain scan device. And those sensors have to be equidistant to each other across a sphere.

Anybody has a tip? A software or script?

did u try the sphere with quad but even that might not be perfect equal quads !

guess will have to do it with a script then !

there must be some sort of 3D shape to get equidistant points on a sphere!

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see this one

but also you could create another sphere with the right number of points !

edit see this one

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Hello soccer ball:

so the Icosphere can be used but only certain points are truly equidistant to each other:

so one way would be to subdivide this to get a finer point matrix …

Thanks for those links but I am not a coder … SADLY grrrrrr

if you read the link info
it would appear that the general case is still a mystery !

but there might some close approximation to it !

there are also these

and this

If you want 4, 6, 8,12 or 20 vertices then you can have exactly equidistant vertices asthe Platonic solid which all fit inside a sphere. The actual coordinates of these should be easy to get. For other numbers ofvertices you can use other polyhedra and scale the verties so theylie on a sphere.

we already have an addon for platonic solid and for polyhedral it think

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Oh do we? I have to google that!

You are right 20,points is max - shoot …

platonic ob are already included just activate addon extra mesh
select the math function then select solid

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