Equirectangular to sphere or cube?


what is the best way to get a eqirectangular image on a sphere or a cube in cycles? you could model in this 360 world etc

How do you do it?

you could model in this 360 world etc

Use the texture as a world background ?

a sphere is easier that is a simple uv mapped sphere
and done by adding a texture in the nodes

a cube will require converting the simple cylindrical projected map to a cube map
a cross or 6 panel image

what do you need to do ?
a planet or a background image ?

i want to try to get some parallax into some 360 photos and videos or adding objects and text etc. i want to try. so i have to get the footage on the sphere. right now i make a mirror object, bake the environment, save the map, uv map it back etc… i want to have it easier. thanks for your help

maybe i follow the wrong path to do what i do. the easiest way i know is to buy after effects and mettle 3d skybox.

pretty simple, though you might want to bake it to a uv map if you are modifying geometry.

thanks for the reply. it works kind of. you did this in blender render, right? i need cycles because i need the panoreamic camera

to be clear, your advice works in cycles too. but my camera has to be in the cube or sphere. so my textures have to be shadeless. but with the emission i dont get normal map, displace etc right…i do not know how to map the normal map etc according to the baked texture. the additional maps dont fit the allocation of the equi-pic on the cube

i try further

yeah this can work…But what if we have a room 3d object and wants to apply a 360 interior image taken from the room

it like taking 360 image and paplyingit to that room 3dMesh? Is it Possible?

My try:
I did the same technique but added a texture coordinate and used a empty sphere as pick object tfor projection and manually adjusted to match realworld image

Is there any way to unwrap a cube mesh exactly like a equirectangular map?
so that if matches exactly on top of original 360 equirectangular image then we can drag and drop any 360 image so we dont need to adjust manually by applying texture in different way

or another way:
can can we apply to a sphere and do unwrapping to spherical unwrap projection and do a same king overlapping unwrap of a cube mesh to same spherical projection unwrap and then we can easily bake the sphere texture and drop it to cube mesh
becoz sphere and cube will have same kind matching unwrapp pattern?