Equivalent of Map Input tab in 2.57


Simple question, but I cannot find the answer. I have applied a basic marble texture to a plane, but cannot find the tab to change the texture color off of the default pink. In Blender 2.49, which I am used to, it was in the Map Input tab, but I can’t find it in 2.57. If I wanted pink marble, it would be great, but as I don’t, I am struggling. :confused:

look into ifnlence panel at bottom of mat or text panel

also check out the shadow panel in mat panel


I have been Googling, as I can still not find it. I was able to do this before, but cannot figure it out today, and it is really bugging me. I guess I can open the file in 2.49 and change it before going back to 2.57

look on the right and select the material or texture panel
then you’ll see all the sub panel where you can find the equivalent of 2.49

should be easy to spot!


Thank you!! I was looking at the material and tex tabs on the bottom rather than the right…:o