Eraserhead Fanmade Poster

Recently I watched Eraserhead directed by David Lynch and the absurdity of the movie caught my attention a lot. Parenthood was portrayed in a very realistic manner . The theme supported by various different narrative elements and foreshadowing was really fun to look out for. But what I liked the most in the movie was the hair of Henry and the entire and of course the conflict that’s shown in the movie. So I decided to combine them both , the hair and parenthood in the form of a nest. An egg that might hatch anytime soon and a nest that the character is trying desperately to get rid off or simply avoid. That’s all there’s to it. Nothing fancy. Now for the poster, I used a Base model from the human generator addon and a custom particle system for the hair . Combed it to vaguely to resemble Henry’s hair and assigned to it a Principled hair shader. For the nest, I used a cc0 Model which I got from blendswap, and assigned a hair particle system to it too, and gave the same shader. For the egg, it was simple proportional modeling and a basic texture. The lighting was a combo of A emissive plane and few area lamps. Did a bit of post-processing in Topaz Labs.