Erector / Meccano Set

This was a model that I did back in February, but rerendered with the new Lux renderer. I liked how it turned out so I thought I’d post it.
Rendered for 7 hours with some slight denoise post pro.

Thanks for looking.



ok, i must get this new luxrenderer, where do i get it? (oh nice photorealistic model by the way ;))

There are builds for Win and Linux and a Blender export script and tutorial.

This is great! It really shows the scale of being a small toy. IMO the rubber on the wheels is just a bit too shiny, though. Great work!

Fantastic model and render, PhilBo.


Realistic. Nice surfaces.
Do you have a link to the LexBlend export script?

Here’s the link to the script.

I know that the tires are too shiny but decided to call it done anyway

Whoa, nice realism, man.

5* from me, fo sho.

Thanks for the render link, too!

im confused. how do i get luxrenderer to work?

There is a tutorial for the Luxblend script under the documentation tab at the site. When you click render, it doesn’t load it into the renderer but exports the file. Open the lux executable and load the exported file. If you have a multicore proc, add threads by the drop down to the right of the time / render statistics display.

ummmm:confused: ermmmm…i think i will stick with BI. i didnt understand a word of that. lol :o

Looks really great, PhilBo. What a wonderful introduction to a new render engine. Five stars.

I remember the Meccano set I had when I was a kid. I lost most of the parts though :(. Very nice render, but the wheels should have just a bit more character, I think – perhaps a few slight pock-marks in the rubber? Just a thought.

Love it, excellent quality.
I’m going to have to have a go with Luxrender for some of my engineering models.

really nice render! I think i have a model like that somewhere around my house… 5 stars

5 stars.