Eric Cartman

Hah! I spent about 2 days on this one.


Nice :slight_smile:
Here’s my version from a year ago when I was just getting into Blender. Back then I didn’t know about texturing.


You made me realize I’m missing eyebrows! Thanks!

You lost 2 days for nothing!

Screw you! I’m going home!

It’s simple and works; not bad for a 2 day project. Maybe you could change the shader to something more cartoon like.

It’s a simple mesh that anybody could do, but that doesn’t make it a bad mesh. Quite the opposite, if you are going to animate it. Always keep the purpose in mind!

@Joleo: If you learned more about Blender and/or enjoyed what you did, the time was well spent. :yes:

Thanks for the comments. I added an armature for the arms, legs are next.

Does anyone know how to animate textures. I would need to change the mouth and the eyes at different frames. I was thinking using one texture image with lots of different mouths and one with lots of eyes and just animating the UV cordinates. I have no clue how to animate the Uv’s, though.