about a month of learning. sculpted and retopo’d the face, breasts and ass, everything else was modeled.
for some reason it didnt accept my other upload so…

For the first few posts your moderated so they won’t show instantly until you get about 10 or above posts. This seems like a good try :).
Modeling takes alot of practice.Sculpting is more for a experienced artist that have a very good understanding on the art side of things alot of artist try to go for it at first but in the end you still need to learn what is good topology and have good sense of anatomy for any style.The better you understand what’s in the real world the better you can use that knowledge for your art.Every art style ever made is based on real life in some way.

This a good site for learning what good topology is.

Pinterest is a great site for finding good reference.Become a Reference Junkie!
Here is some good boards and search to get you started.

Always focus on improving on your fundamentals and understanding.

BlenderCookie(link) is a good place to learn about modeling.

thanks, and yeah, i tried to match the videos i saw online, very hard.
ive chosen to restart.
im making an armor suit with a midriff.
i have absolutely no idea on how to model a face/head/anything.
ill see if theres something on modeling a mask on the cookie site.
i want to make elf ears with dreadlocks, and a futuristic gas mask.
ideas welcome.

This guy has some really good character tutorials

The best advice I can give you is to keep trying you will get better each time focus on doing your modeling the same way that way you get into a routine as you do that you will get better faster.Watch as many tutorials as you can so you improve your understanding of the character making process and apply them to your routine see what works and doesn’t. Character Modeling is alot of trial, error, and Experimenting it is one of the most hardest things to do right in 3D.

This a non Blender Tutorial but the method used is easy to adapt to blender.It also easier on the Artist.

restarted again, ill watch through that video.


bumpdate. critique would be greatly appreciated.

Good improvement keep practicing and learning.
It’s looking alot better now. :slight_smile:
Hope to see your future improvements. :slight_smile:

remodeling the helmet. thanks for the comments, you’ve been greatly helpful in modeling.

You are learning fast, Kyrgah. Good progress. And it is good that you stay on the blocking phase for now. Keep at it.