err i know it sux :) help please

hi guys this is my first attempt at making a gun and i need some critic on adding detail and such this isnt a render but a bunch of screenys pasted together tell me what u think guys be kind lol

first u should probably post a picture :stuck_out_tongue:

haha yh my pc died in the process :slight_smile:

pic added thanx guys

its not bad i made this tutorial a while ago, so if you get stuck, you might be able to use it.

Firstly - edgesplit modifier. That will calculate which edges need to be sharp and which need to be smooth.
Secondly - textures/materials. A decent UV map texture will give it lots of realism.
Thirdly - “be kind” and “help please” rarely fit together XP. But it’s a good start - it definitely doesn’t suck, it just needs work. Which means it’s in the right forum.

Good luck.

thanx guys although now would probably be a good time to tell u that i didnt use blender to make it
i used wings 3d and plan on adding the details etc with blender i can do most things in blender rigging etc but i just cant get used to the modeling process :confused: thanks for the tutorial too its greatly appreciated my next question is will a file imported from wings in wavefront format cause me any problems when it comes to adding textures etc thanks again guys

I doubt it will cause any issues. As long as the mesh is clean, texturing should go well.

I thought it wasn’t blender, I almost said something about the n-gons I was seeing, but I decided to wait and see if it would come out on it’s own. I have no idea how blender handles n-gons on an import though. looks nice by the way.

There’s no problem with you not using Blender for the modeling. Use whatever gives you the best results in the shortest amount of time. I do use Blender instead of Wings because I am used to it and know all the short cuts and that means it’s the fastest route to the result for me. But importing a Wavefront file shouldn’t be a problem at all. In fact, I just imported a model from Wavefront. The objects, meshes materials and UV coordinates remain intact, except that you have to reassign the textures to the materials, which is easy because the UVs are still there. You might also have to scale the imported model or move the camera closer to it.

hey thanks for the input guys it is greatly appreciated and i realy want to take the plunge into modeling with blender as i can see its potential and it seems a lot more powerfull than wings

however i have blender 2.48 and cant seem to get any tutorials on nurbs that
match with my current build of blender i tried to use the fun with nurbs but it seems that my efforts were futile as the instruction only confuse me and i have to search around looking for tools that have moved or have simply been updated

any links would be greatly appreciated guys and thanx again

set it to solid and post pics.

yh i know the render sux :slight_smile: an its side by side becuase ime using dual monitors