Erratic Cloth Sim, What Am I Missing?

i’m testing my girlie models, i have a skirt and a blouse on one, when i run the animation (static pose, just playing w/ stuff so far), the blouse falls to the ground and skirt (pinned) ruffles etc.
on my second model, when i run the animation, nothing happens. i have the same thing, a top and a skirt, neither moves. i copied the skirt to the first model, and it worked :-/ in between messing w/ vert groups and pins though, suddenly the blouse stopped working; it’s stopped falling although the skirt still moves.

any thoughts as to what i’m failing at?


You’re missing a .blend file that shows us how you’ve got your cloth set up. Can’t tell you what you’re doing wrong if we don’t know what you’re doing at all.

well whatever, the static pose seems like it would be worth watching anyway :smiley:

Erratic cloth sim? Sounds more like an erotic cloth sim. Post that blend.

Settle down, boys.

Chances are your girlies are not set up as collision objects. (we still want to see the clothes falling off, though :wink: )

Most likely the cloth sims are slowing things down and causing you headache. 86 them and focus on lighting. Please post some stills.

well, it’s started working again :-/
honestly don’t know what’s up, unless my weedy machine was having a fit about something, it’s not the first time it’s decied to play silly buggers over something.
i’ll be back if it all goes stupid again ;-D

Well that’s no fun.