error acessing data from surface object

(Charlls) #1

Hi folks!

I created a surface object [ spacebar->add ->surface ->surface] then from python i tried to access the surface data, but i dont know how to do it, trying the obvius approach


for ob in obj:
print," contains a ",

gives a error, it says SystemError: unable to create Block for Data

WhAt is going on now?!


(theeth) #2

plain and simple, you cannot access a surface data.


(Charlls) #3

im using Blender since a month, and it seems that there are not holes, but Craters in the python public API , its pretty obviously that something went down on development much before NaN actually filed bankrupcy

for the other side, much keys have been typed around the subject of the focus on the future development of the open source blender, which i applaud, but lets not forget that such a focus should be at the beginning in filling this obvious, huge holes in the functionality ( even the most basic sometimes )