ERROR: CUDA Error - Cycles 2.79


I am a bit new to blender, and my system, albeit free, is a bit old. Before I go into my hardware, I have been trying to render a 25 plane - page turn animation with a slight shallow-ish DoF and single point light. I can render via CPU just fine, each frame takes about 15-30 seconds but…

When I flip it over to GPU, I keep receiving this error: “CUDA error: out of memory in cuArrayCreate(&handle, &desc), line783”

I am running Blender v2.79 on Windows 10 PRO with an EVGA GTX 770 2GB, 64GB RAM (Crucial I believe), Intel i7-3930k, and an ASRock x79 Extreme6 motherboard. Let me know if there is any other I should provide? Pardon my ignorance as I primarily use Mac, and have been slowly transitioning back to PC over the past 8 months.

I’ve looked everywhere else and not sure if it’s a hardware issue, but curious if anyone out there might have a solution in the prefs?

Thank you thank you in advance!!

It’s as the error message states: You’re running out of VRAM…
Your card’s 2 GB are quite sparse by today’s standards.

There might be room to optimize your scene in terms of memory consumption. But that’s impossible to say without access to the .blend file.