error file size, 78mb for an empty .blend file :S

Hi BH, I’m having some weirds problems with an empty .blend file. This empty file has a size of 78mb! and don’t know why… I went to the Outliner to check the datablock and I realized that there are objects indeed but they are not accessible.
Some idea to clean up my file?.

well, i didn’t really get it. if it’s just an empty file, what do you need it for?

or is it a file that’s not supposed to be empty?

Does the file contain any baked simulations like with particle, smoke, or physics, because a decent simulation can sum up to a lot of data being stored and thus a large file-size.

I’ll explain in a diferent way.
I have an animated shot that only has a few props and just one character in scene (by link), the problem is that the file is too heavy for that kind of scene ( 78 mb)… similar scenes the file size is just below 12 mb… that’s the problem, I don’t understand why this file is heavier than the other. I deleted all object in the 78mb file and still heavy.
Some idea to fix this problem?.

Here is a capture. The Outliner says that there are 160 object but they are not accessible, I cant delete them :frowning: