Error Importing File "Mesh Object Has No Attribute Faces"

Hello all, this is my first post, so be gentle if I am in the wrong forum!

I have downloaded a Star Wars Galaxies-specific Blender suite that should allow me to import and export a specific kind of mesh file. However, when I try to import this kind of mesh file, I get the following error:

I am assuming/spitballing that because this script was written for Python 3.3.2 that the language has changed and that’s why it cannot import properly. Is this correct? If so, how would I alter the .py file to make it compatible with the latest language?

Additionally, if it’s an entirely different cause, what would I do to fix it so I can properly import this file?



You got it right, that is the wrong API call. The term ‘faces’ has been replaced with ‘polygons’ as of 2.63 (I believe). This was to make a distinction between a 3 or 4 point face compared to the new n-point count faces available in the bMesh module.

The simplest fix is to pull down an old version of Blender from, prior bMesh and import your object. Then save the BLEND file out and open it up in the latest version. Should work, no scripting needed.

So if I got Blender v 2.60 I would be safe? and would that necessitate uninstalling 2.69?

No need to uninstall 2.69, you can run multiple builds of Blender on the same machine. Just don’t “install” it. Unzip the file and launch the app or run the executable. If you are downloading an install package that is the wrong file. Look for a ZIP version.

I wouldn’t go any lower than 2.60.

Or update the script: