error initialising audiostream

Hi guys, I’m running Ubuntu Linux and blender 2.62. I have a problem rendering a simple video. In the example that I have attached, I had added only an image and no video. The error I get is “Error initialising audiostream”. I am yet to render from VSE on my machine.

The attachement show the same two errors, the top error is from Blender 2.62 the bottom error message is from Blender 2.60

Please help.


I’m a windows user, and mine ALWAYS does this. In fact, the ONLY format I can actually make video with audio in Blender is XVid. Which pisses me off, since I dislike Xvid and it’s blockiness.
I prefer MPEG2, with all the quality settings maxed. But, anytime I try to make an MPEG2 with audio, I get that same message.
I can make MPEG2 all day long, and it looks great, AS LONG AS I SELECT AUDIO: NONE.
I’ve told them this is maddening. I’m going to be mad if we’re still dealing with this bug by 2.63 or 4.
Anyway, try XVid. It might work for you. You’ll probably have to get an XVid player to watch them, though…