ERROR: No module named random?

I have a game that works fine in a .blend file, but the runtime never works on any other computer. I get an error saying:

"Python script error from controller “myobject#CONTR#1”:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line #, in (module)
Import Error: No module named random

The computer doesn’t have python installed, but with a runtime, that shouldn’t matter. What other files am I missing?

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you need to import the module random hope you did !

or you need to install full version of python on your system!


I have the full version of python, and the error is in the line “import random.”
The runtime runs fine on any computer with python installed, but not on computers without python.
I always thought saving a blend file as a runtime meant you could play it on other computers without blender or python installed. The rest of the game works, except the one script with random. It seems that when it packed all the python files for the runtime, it missed the random module. Is there a way to add this file?