Error No Undo available

Seriously , whats up with blender minimal Undo ?

you can just do a few undos ,

we should have undo history and unlimited history or at least a reasoable number of undos…


the Global Undo history is available ?

I don’t spend much time in 2.5x , as i continue to prefer 2.49b for my modelling activities.
But until now each time i used 2.5x, ( even 2.57b ) ALT+U/Global undo history was doing nothing.
despite it’s supposed to exist too in 2.5x according to the manual :

Have they changed the shortcut ?

Thats exactly what i mean ! only 64 steps , come on , that is nothing most of the times is not enough…

would be cool if we had many more undo stteps…

I guess it’s a balance of memory consumption and how many actions need to have in memory. But I agree that 64 is way too low as maximum. 3ds max have had 500 as max limit for ages…


yes we need more undos

I see no reason for that.

You need more undos if you can use an undo-list, which isn´t in Blender (yet), where you don´t need to do undo´s batched, but can pick one from the middle and undo it.
It can also be used as redo-list, where you can redo a parametric function that would take time to recreate and with that you´d be able to do it with one click.

A heap like undo-list would be great, but more stacklike undo´s aren´t necessary. If you need to apply more than 64 undo´s you got to refine your workflow :wink:

Oh, if I am not mistaken you´ll find what you´r looking for in

Section Global Undo:
line 436: #define MAXUNDONAME 64

change it to 500 and compile :wink: