Error when importing net Immerse/Gamebryo files

So I jus finished upgrading my blender and python so I can install the nif plugin and everything seemed to install smoothly. I proceeded to model my test mecha mesh. Then I went to import a .nif file and I get this error -

Direct Link -

Im gusing the path blender is looking in for the scripts is Incorrect and thus the error, how can I redirect blender to find the correct scripts - if thats auctually the problem?

Not a script error “_sre mimatch” is a library failure. be sure you have your paths, and libs, etc… set to work with Blender and Python. Blender uses 3.2 (I think), if you have some other path set for run-time might not synchronize.

Good luck.

Ill be honest, didnt really understand a word of that, Ive only just started using blender again so I have no idea what a ‘lib’ and ‘run-time’ is, or how to set the paths, thus asking how to redirect them. Cheers tho for picking up on the probable issue, this deff makes trouble shooting easier now that I know what the problem is, Im just not experienced enough to do what you suggested.