error with eyes hair teeth and tongue objects popping out of head or displaying wrong

when I start the game engine with my make human model inside I notice that the face mesh/objects are popping out of the head mesh i’m using blender version 2.73 and not sure if 2.73a is the newest version or not or if it fixes this error for when a make human model or mhx file is imported into blender…if the error is not fixed with version 2.73a how can I fix it? I attached a picture also of what the error looks like.


Is your material using transparency ? If it’s on, turn it off in the material panel, set alpha to 1.000 and uncheck the “use alpha” box in material texture.

Either the face normals are incorrect
or you have transparency enabled wich should never be enabled unless you really want to see through.

As this looks … I think CarlJohnson is right :smiley:

Materials > Game Setting > Alpha Blend > should be “Alpha Clip”. Do this for the teeth and eyes, and skin.

I had this exact problem. I was using MakeHuman. What I did was I removed the textures and just created new ones for every part. This probably isn’t the best way but it works.

thank’s for trying to help out to the people who replied…hopefully this is not too late of a reply but right now i’m using integrated nvidia graphics at 256mb and i do not think I will have luck with blender yet I have an amd radeon hd 6670 at 1gb I had better luck with when using blender but it’s causing my build problems…I will maybe try out the nvidia 9800gt I have around and refer to this thread and hopefully it will fix my problem.

thank’s for the help to the previous replie’s…I did what carljohnson and icra suggested and the face no longer look’s like in my attached pic from earlier.