Escape - A mini 1st person atmospheric puzzle game (99% Blender made)


I want to share my game, Escape, with you.

This is a game I made as a homework for an “introduction to Blender” class in my “digital creation” master degree.
It takes about 5 minuts to finish it, up to ~ 1 hour if you’re not confident with this kind of game logic.

As I starded with zero experience with Blender or any 3D soft, I made this game in aproximatively 20-30h, including watching tutorial videos and reading this awesome forum. It appeared that I hate 3D modeling, so I focused on lights, sounds, and overall atmosphere.
Textures are made on Photoshop (I didn’t used Blender’s texture painting tool successfully…), and sounds and music on Ableton Live with some Operator and Analogue synths. Everything else is full Blender.
I additionnaly used the Seamless TP script made by sirrandalot, and ThaTimst3r’s post-processing add-on.

Here is the zipped .exe (62mo)
Here is the .blend (26mo)

Use arrows to move, Enter to select or activate things, and “Q” to force the game to quite.
Its native resolution is 1920x1080. You have to use the .blend version if you want to change it.

I could cite Antichamber and The Witness as main influences (minimalism, atmosphere, color tricks).

I hope you’ll enjoy playing it ! Feedbacks are welcome :slight_smile:

I like your game, it was great, especially for your first game! I think you got the atmosphere you were going for. The end made me laugh.

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Looks cool! I will check it out soon! Very impressive that your first ever project is already a game. And it’s finished, that’s even better! :smiley: