Escape the Morgue

Hello all,

So a long story short, making a game. A first person escape the room type affair. Blender for modelling, Substance for materials and Unity to grind the gears. The project is serving as a tech demo / exercise in making a game. The project is a month or two underway and the bulk of the structural modelling is complete.

Not much to look at is it.

However, there are a whole bunch of additional assets that ARE complete and i thought here would be a great place to drop a bunch of renders and hopefully get some feed back.

And so, i present the Door_Single model.

Admittedly, not everything you see here will be rendered in Blender. Hope you don’t mind.

Sink_Double - This will be to sink in the morgue. Much like the Door above, it’s ready to head into Unity. Apologies for the fireflies on the render.

Another render of a model completed yesterday, a Bench for the locker room portion of the level. (1440 polys - 2k texture)

Ash modelled and textured this beautiful filing cabinet for the Office Area. (712 polys - 2k texture)

Additional work has been completed on the structure, mostly in the Morgue area. Adding curved skirting and preparing the floor, walls and ceiling for texturing. (.fbx export)

A little more explanation of the project:
We’re a two man team, Me (Dan) and Ash, both of whom are fairly new to to this whole process. As a jumping off point we wanted to create a simplistic escape the room game with as higher quality assets as we could muster. Having some background with Blender, I was able to convince Ash that it was the tool of choice for the modelling process!

And so the main focus here is the Morgue. A basement collection of rooms complete with Morgue, Office, Locker room and connecting corridor. We have completed a fair amount of models up to this point and as above, ill be drip feeding them into this thread.

Cheers, Dan

Your materials and textures look great :D! keep up the good work:)

Good evening all,

A few more models to show today. Still in the process of texturing and so we’re looking at viewport screen grabs here.

Morgue Drawers (2488 polys)

Post Mortem Table (1108 polys)

Materials coming soon!

Im hoping to show off some internal renders for the building/morgue it self soon. These will most likely be rendered in Unity. Though i may look at some clay renders in Blender.