Escher Cubes

I saw this picture today in my maths book, one of the earlier works of Escher, and I tried to copy it. What do you think of it?


That a really cool design. Like absract architecture. An idea:
It would look good if you duplicated the model to go on forever…(not literally)
peace, nice work!

Escher is one of my favorite artists! Great work. It would be nice to post the original to compare it to.

i remeber a tut somewhere that showed that his models/sketches are actually real-world, but the camera angle and lens size changes the image to make it look impossible. It was the greekcolumn thing…look it up; it was fascinating. I put together a jigsaw puzzle once of his Reflection in Globe self portrait. Have it framed on my wall.

hmmm M.C. Escher, a brilliant man! I’ve tried to create some of his works too. The impossible cube, they are just clever illusions (see attached). Great man though, and he could draw and shade so bloody well! Great job on the cubes though, its a clever artwork. Love to see it broadened, so it seems to go on forever, though you could probably achieve it with textures for the latter part. Using your renders as textures or something. T’would be possible. Great job so fat though.


I did the cubes, too. With 2.3.2, and the 2.3.3 when it came out and AO was the big news. I used a dark gradient as background, though (blend texture in world setting).

You need a lot more contrast (check a histogram of the intensity), and you need to extend them far beyond where they are now.

Use the array modifier, you can very quickly extend this far enough for it to seem like infinity.

I agree on the extending them farther, they should go until they virtually disappear, since you don’t have a high polygon count on the collumns this shouldn’t be a big problem polycount wise.

Wow, thanks for all the replies :slight_smile:

I did use the array modifier, but I could only make it work in one direction… So I have a kind of “Wall” which is repeated into the depth. Any idea on using it in all 3 dimensions?

Layer the modifiers?

Or maybe use dupliverts?

Looks pretty cool. - for some reason, it seems like Escher-based CG always turns out great.

You could just cheat with a plane with a really high mirror setting, and maybe a bit of mist as well, so it appears to go on forever.

I second this, you can use more then one array modifier, your best bet is to three array modifiers (one for each axis)

Sorry I haven’t done anything yet. I’m quite busy at the moment with school… Only 1 day left, then it’s christmas holidays :slight_smile: I hope I can do something then.