Ess-Bahn Artwork [WIP]

I had this Idea in mind for a long time. It all started out with a joke about eating in an S-Bahn (public transport trains in Germany). I basically want to create a scene where one wagon of an S-Bahn is replaced with a giant hot dog. I created this abomination in paint (with a mouse) to visualize what I’m going for.

I also created a reference board for the S-Bahn Modeling because I couldn’t find a fitting 3D Model I could use or wanted to pay for (made in PureRef):

Then I hopped in Blender and started modeling the S-Bahn:

I used the CCO Human Scale Reference Model from this video: Interior Tutorial by Blender Guru

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Trust the Japanese (and the Americans) to have gone where no dog has gone before:

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I’ve never seen that video. Another great piece of reference! Thank you.

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A small update on the modeling part:

This is taking longer than I expected but I will hopefully be worth it!

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I think I’m done modeling the front wagon.

I also started blocking out the environment using fSpy from my sketch (the camera will of course be adjusted later).

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I kind of stopped progressing with this project. I’ll put it on hold for now.