Essential Text Editor add-ons for coders

Proposal to create stub files for better auto-completion inside and outside of Blender:

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Add-on for toggling the system console:


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console_easy_text_edit update:
I fixed paste
added translate selection |shift+left/right arrow|
menus entries

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Really good add-on. Maybe you could consider submitting it for inclusion in Blender? If you want to do so, maybe you could align the menu with the Blender standards?

Ex. using Title Case for the menu entries ex. select line > Select Line.
Changing this to expose the two operators:
self.layout.label(text="Translate selection |shift+right/left arrow|")
Like this:

self.layout.operator("console.easy_translate", text="Translate Right").direction = "forward"
self.layout.operator("console.easy_translate", text="Translate Left")

Anyway, great work. :slight_smile:

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Eh, cool patch! (This one also needs to use Title Case in the UI. Title Case could also be used for add-on names) :slight_smile:

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A question. When coding installed multi-file add-ons from within the Text Editor, what is your preferred method to quickly reinstall and reenable it?

A reply on Twitter:

hey it is kind of linked to your question. I improved this script. this is restarting blender and saving the file as temp.blend to temp folder if not saved…
I added it there too in the main menu as “blender restart”
so it could allow to do a super reload and fixing some bugs sometime…

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I really dislike waiting on Blender starting up, which is why I prefer to code inside Blender compared to in an external editor. Maybe @Karmaral’s add-on could be expanded to also update add-ons in folders, so you set up a path to a folder, and when you hit Reload Add-on the old installation is uninstalled, the folder is zipped, installed and enabled?

Is your add-on already doing this @1_conscience_0_dimen?

Would be nice if this would import add-on folders: bpy.ops.preferences.addon_install(overwrite=True, target='DEFAULT', filepath='C:\\Users\\45239\\Downloads\\space_sequencer', filter_folder=True, filter_python=True)

But it doesn’t seem to be added, or at least I can’t get it to work?$597

Since this is python code it could used in an add-on but converted to do the import routine on folders.

no, when I use a zip, I open the zip with winrar, then the files from winrar browser, inside a text editor, like a normal file. do the save. then winrar is asking to save too, detecting the change. and if I create a new file, I can just drag it into the zip. But I don’t do multifiles for the moment.
your solution seems good to add a zip action from a folder. instead of selecting a file, select a folder and all files in. I’m already checking this way to see if the installed unziped addon has a bl_info. and to zip I don’t know, but it should be easy to find on google

I submitted a small patch to allow to install an add-on-folder:
:gear: D9663 Add folder-add-on installation through python. (

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How about a vote for this much needed patch to send all python errors to Info Editor:


Do you know about this add-on which offers add-on project control? Maybe adding folder installation to this, will make it a superior solution for dealing with multi-file add-ons?

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An alternate take on on coding Blender add-ons in external IDE:

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I did this video if you want to talk about this on blender chat you are welcome


toggle the window console and be sure it’s always opening on top
in the Window Menu > Toggle Console On Top


initial code by Sambler → auto_blend_save (renamed to be more explicit)
Working now exactly like the Blender Auto Save but with incremented files and without deleting older ones. so you can set the path where it is saved from blender prefs or in the addon prefs.
and recover files exactly like blender Auto Save > Recover…
sometimes you need to do a refresh to be sure to see last saved file


Blender Add-on Registry is an old add-on for keeping your add-ons updated. I’ve updated it here:

But the database is not updated. It’s set up to scarpe the old blender wiki for add-ons. It would be great if we somehow could find a way to make it scrape github/gitlab for add-ons and their info, and use that as an updated json file needed for the registry.


added a protection to not have the cursor jumping to start when not selecting last line in console. this little bug was annoying