Established Game looking for 3D Models/Animations

I am a developer from dreamwagon games. I am currently looking to acquire 3d character meshes and skeletal animations for a game that has been in development for about a year.

The game is a space themed action adventure (1st/3rd person) that takes place in a ‘bloxel’ based world. The engine is rather stable at this point, but pretty much void of any quality art work. We are starting to plan out the character creation system right now, and are searching for the right artist to work with us. The level of detail we are looking for is cartoonish somewhere between lego starwars and borderlands (I know that is a big spread!)

We have chosen Ogre XML as the format, since it can be output from blender nicely. Please contact me if interested, and I can fill in more detail about the project. We will pay per model, and will likely contract one at a time, at least to start.

How’s this?


My game portfolio is here:

Just a question here…, is this just a random, no-story-line game (like Minecraft) or is it more specific?
Is it more like an adventure based game (like portal 2)?
Is it an MMO or just single-player?

It has a story-line to explain why you build/fight in the game… but it doesn’t have a singleplayer campaign planned.

It’s an online FPS (with 3rd person shooting as well)

oke, I got that part, but what is the atmosphere (theme) (style) of the game?

Can you explain better what the game’s about? sketch it out a bit.


Hello! Here are links to some of my latest models, i’m a model/texture artist.

let’s contact via skype, my nickname there is Mikhail-Rodionov

for my cartoony work (2d and 3d)-
for my recent 3d stuff -