Eternal Duel (First Scene)

Hello, everyone. This is my first post on the forums, and I’m excited to reveal my first composition using Blender! After modeling for about a day and setting up a scene, I finally have something to showcase. These are high-quality images, so I’m sorry about their sizes and the load times that they might create!

This is my very first model made in Blender:

Obviously, it’s rather crude and basic, but I’m proud of it. If you can’t tell, it’s a chess pawn, inspired by GreyBeard’s excellent subdivision video tutorial.

After some refinement, I turned it into this:

I really, really liked this gold effect I achieved, I think it makes the pawn look heavy and important.

After taking a break for some inspiration, I came back to Blender and set up a scene. I hope you like it, here it is:

Remember, that was my first scene, first day of using Blender, so please tell me truthfully what you think of it, I’ll gladly accept critique. I do, however, see how the pawns look uneven, like the gold one is higher, but they are aligned perfectly in the scene, it may just be how the reflective materials of different weights are pulling them apart as an optical illusion. Also, even thought the red light is strong, I like the ominous effect it gives to the scene.

Also, if you’re familiar with chess, then you’ll probably understand the title. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance, I’m looking forward to making more models and scenes with Blender!

Welcome to blender!

very good for a first try.I will go easy on the crits for you.I will just say lighting and materials need fixing and some tweaking of the mesh.Keep on working on it though!:wink:
LOL and i see we r the same age huh.

Thank you, I appreciate your comment. Yes, the lighting is rather strong, I’ll probably end up adjusting it eventually. I really didn’t think anyone would read my blog, it’s kind of dull and empty, but thanks for reading it.

no prob.Check my site out too and pm me if u need help iight?

Thanks, I will.

First, welcome to BlenderArtists! Second, it’s great to see you taking up Blender and what you’ve done on your first day with the program.

Now, a bit of advice:

This is your first day and first model with Blender. I recommend, for the future, that you first post your projects in the Works in Progress forum before posting in the Finished Projects. We’ll help you with what you need to get your render to the “finished” stage. Posting in Finished Projects was premature.
What you have is only a slight upgrade on the lighted cube. Please do not take offense. For your first day and first model, this isn’t bad.
But, it’s not a finished project.
Keep blending, have fun and try posting to WIP or Tests until you are a bit further along.
Happy Blending!

It’s not amazingly complex or anything, but its a great first attempt. It seems like you already have a pretty solid grasp of the basics, and that will help a lot. I kinda agree with Soter, you might want to post some stuff in Works in Progress before making your way back to this forum. Good work, and blend on!


Great job! I’m new to blender myself by about a week and a half to 2 weeks (check out my DemoVases) and I did NOT have anything half this good on my first try! I’m not exaggerating at all either lol…I also play chess so I totally get the title, nice job! Giving what little I know, I would advise a background, like a box to create a room look or a sky to create the outside look; I have learned that adding something like this can help create your entire picture and draw everything together! Keep the blending up and I know i’m going to see an AWESOME creation from you in 2 weeks! Till then…Blend it up!

Turn the spec down in the materials :wink:
That will greatly improve the overall look

Good model though!