This is a simple game I made a while back. If you are a part of the Discord, you’ve probably already seen this.

In the game is a pretty solid blueprint for an infinite terrain using logic bricks. Feel free to dissect it to see how it’s made. HOWEVER, you may not attempt to resell this game as is or simple retexture and sell. This game is for enjoyment and educational purposes ONLY.

.Blend DOWLOAD (~12MB)

WASD - Move
Space - Gravity Shift

Collect Ethereal Fragments (red objects) before the timer runs out. Good luck!

License: Made by Anthony Pilcher, CC BY-NC 3.0 US

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I will post an update soon based on any feedback I get. I know it might be too easy currently, but it also takes a bit to get used to the mechanics. So let me know how it plays for you and I’ll improve upon it.

_Muito bom, valeu!

Muito obrigado!